Which of the electric pickups is stronger than the Ford F-150 Lightning or Rivian R1T?

Which of the electric pickups is stronger than the Ford F-150 Lightning or Rivian R1T? 1

A video has appeared on YouTube showing the confrontation between two Ford F150 Lightning and Rivian R1T electric pickups. Cars participated in a tug of war.

These two models are not direct competitors to each other, but since they are among the first modern all-electric pickups on the market, videos will soon appear on YouTube showing tests for range, acceleration, and towing.

In the video, we see the Ford F-150 Lightning in the Lariat configuration and its competitor in the face of the Rivian R1T.

The F-150 is a full—size pickup truck, whereas the R1T is slightly smaller (between the medium and full-size class). However, the R1T is a bit heavier.

Both cars are all-wheel drive, which is important in the “tug of war” competition on the grass, but the Rivian R1T has four electric motors (one for each wheel), and the Ford F—150 Lightning has two electric motors (one for each axle). More importantly, the Rivian R1T is equipped with 20-inch All-Terrain tires, which is a big advantage since the R1T is an electric car built for adventure.

We assume that other factors, including the difference in output power, are practically irrelevant to the final result in this race. The key here is the best traction.

Judging by the video, the Rivian R1T easily won the first race when both started at the same time and the second when the Ford F-150 Lightning moved forward at the beginning.

Not so long ago, our publication wrote that the Rivian rally SUV with a capacity of 1200 hp may appear at the end of 2023. Electric startup Rivian is gradually increasing the production of R1T and R1S, but soon a completely new model may join them.

Source: Tesla Raj YouTube channel