What will be the new Duster: the first information appeared

The head of the brand Dacia (and at the same time the division Dacia-Lada) Denis le Vot told about what will be the SUV Duster new generation.

What will be the new Duster: the first information appeared 1
Journalists of the British magazine Autocar are confident that the new Duster will look like this (Photo: autocar.co.uk)

At the moment all the efforts of the Dacia brand are thrown to launch a brand-new Duster, which should appear on the market in 2024.

What to expect from this car? Will the model become more like a crossover, or will it get a more complicated all-wheel-drive system? And will Duster remain one of the cheapest SUVs on the market?

The main thing to expect from the new Duster is the transition to the CMF-B platform, on which Logan and other Dacia models (and a lot of Renault models) are already built. According to Denis Le Vot, the CMF-B platform is more modern than the current B0 and has much better customization options. This means the next-generation Duster will have more refined handling, but the comfort level will remain at the same level or become even higher.

At the same time in terms of its dimensions, the new car will be almost the same as the current one about 4.3 m.

Denis Le Vot also said that the new Duster will keep its original philosophy: an inexpensive, but comfortable vehicle with great off-road potential. So there is no need to fear that with the transition to another platform it will turn into a “softie”: Duster will still feel great off-road. “The Duster will retain its rugged character,” stressed Denis Le Vot in an interview with Automotive News Europe.