Volvo XC60 turned into a pickup truck with six wheels. Video

Volvo XC60 turned into a pickup truck with six wheels. Video 1

At the Stockholm Cruising automobile congress in Stockholm, held last weekend, an unusual Volvo arrived, which attracted the attention of eyewitnesses and got on video. It turned out to be the XC60 model of the first generation before the facelift, transformed from a compact crossover into a brutal six-wheeled pickup truck with a cargo platform, a protective arc in front, and an LED “chandelier” on the roof and blinds on the rear window.

Judging by the seamless body and neat painting, the Volvo pickup truck is hardly the result of artisanal tuning. As Motor 1 suggests, the Swedish studio Dalbo Fordonsteknik, known for unusual modifications of Volvo cars, is responsible for the alteration. In particular, tuners converted the XC90 all-terrain vehicle into a black pickup truck with chrome wheels.

As for the XC60, it is not known whether the pickup can be called a full-fledged 6×6, or whether it did not receive a rear-axle drive. The site of Swedish tuners, apparently, is under development and therefore uninformative, but there you can see a picture of a pickup truck with wheels that are much more suitable for its new brutal image than the small five-spoke ones in the video.

In March, Volvo decided to experiment with the XC60 itself: as a marketing move, the company built a tower of seven crossovers with a total weight of about 14 tons. As always, the Swedes took care of the safety by installing stops under the all-terrain vehicle at the base of the structure, as well as tying the wheels with cables.

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