Volkswagen will only sell electric cars in Norway

Volkswagen will only sell electric cars in Norway 1

Volkswagen will radically reduce the range of cars sold in Norway. From January 1, 2024, it will include only electric vehicles, and sales of gasoline, diesel, and hybrid cars will be discontinued. The move looks logical, given the popularity of “green” cars in the country, as well as the desire of the Norwegian authorities to oust cars with internal combustion engines from the market.

The share of electric cars in the Norwegian market is one of the highest in the world. By September last year, it reached a record 77.5 percent, and together with the charged hybrids — 91.5 percent. In general, by the end of 2021, “clean” electric vehicles accounted for 64.5 percent of sales in the country. Their popularity is explained by cheap electricity, high salaries, and various government incentives: for example, owners of electric cars are exempt from tax and can drive in lanes for public transport.

From January-June 2022, the Tesla Model Y became the sales leader in Norway, which has been ranked first in the world market since 2019. Volkswagen with ID.4 is located in second place. Previously, the most affordable Tesla Model 3 was in good demand, but recently it has been increasingly inferior to competitors.

To the Norwegian Volkswagen line in addition to ID.4 electrical IDs are included.4, ID.5, e-Crafter, as well as the ID.Buzz minivan, which is already sold out for the year ahead. Among the fuel and hybrid cars are Polo, Golf, Tiguan, Passat, and Touareg, which Norwegians will have to say goodbye to in less than a year and a half.

Source: Electrek