Valentino Rossi outlined his plan in motorsport and the goal is to participate in Le Mans 24 | Interview

Valentino Rossi outlined his plan in motorsport and the goal is to participate in Le Mans 24 | Interview 1

MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi will continue his racing career in the Fanatec GT World Challenge Europe in 2023, as he stated, “by 90%”. It remains to solve a couple of issues, but his master plan remains: “I dream of going to the start of Le Mans 24”.

Rossi confirmed that last weekend’s 24 Hours of Spa race was the main event on his calendar for this year. Now he will be preparing for the realization of his old dream. The whole question is with whom Valentino will continue his career in the GT World Challenge, given Team WRT’s refusal to cooperate with Audi in order to move under the wing of BMW Motorsport.

“I think that next year, at least, I will also stay in this championship [in the GT World Challenge]. Now, this is in my program, I will stay for 90%, and they will continue. At the moment, I still don’t know if I can get to the start of Le Mans 24. I’m not sure if it will be next year, but I would really like to. This is my long-standing dream,” Rossi said.

Will there be a transition from Team WRT to another team after the change of technical partner?

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Rossi replied: “We haven’t decided anything yet, but I think everything is working fine for us, and I don’t see any reason why we need to change anything.”

Is this related to the plans to join Le Mans 24? After all, for this, it will be necessary to change the class and show up already at the WEC… And in 2024, Team WRT can give Rossi such a chance.:

“I definitely want to compete at Le Mans. This will happen soon, in the coming years. It’s not a priority in general, but yes, it’s in my plans. First of all, I want to improve my aerobatics and become a better racing driver. There’s no point going to Le Mans to get off in a few hours because of some stupid mistake – I need more experience. I want to join Le Mans 24 to fight for the result. I think it’s a dream for any racing driver to participate in this race: this is the most famous race in history. But this year we have concentrated on preparing for the Spa, and this is a huge experience,” Valentino Rossi replied.