Tuning experts accelerated the Tesla Model S to almost 350 kilometers per hour

Tuning experts accelerated the Tesla Model S to almost 350 kilometers per hour 1

For the three-engine Tesla Model S Plaid at the presentation, Elon Musk promised a maximum speed of 200 miles per hour (about 322 kilometers per hour), but the production samples of the top version of the electric car turned out to be less impressive. But fans of the electric car and tuning specialists decided to achieve the indicators declared by the manufacturer and in 2022 they managed to conquer the 200 mph mark and at the same time set a world speed record for the Tesla Model S electric car.

After the debut, the Plaid version accelerated to a maximum of 163 miles (262 kilometers) per hour, with the release of the optional Track Mode package, the maximum speed increased to 175 miles (282 kilometers) per hour, but the 200 mph mark was never conquered.

To correct the “omission”, the specialists of the Ingenext company undertook — the studio from Quebec specializes in the production of modules that unlock a number of Tesla functions. This time it was possible to remove the maximum speed limit.

The head of Ingenext, Guillaume Andre, driving his own Tesla Model S Plaid on the runway at Trois-Rivieres airport, was able to accelerate to 216 miles (348 kilometers) per hour. Apart from the removed speed limiter, reinforced Mountainpass Performance brakes, and Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires, the electric car was completely standard.

As noted in the tuning studio, previously they did not have a long enough road – the three-kilometer runway of the airport fit perfectly — in order to safely accelerate and brake after the record attempt. As a result, everything went well and now Ingenext plans to offer customers a maximum speed unlock of the program for their Tesla Model S.