Toyota will reduce the range of old-school frame SUVs

Toyota will reduce the range of old-school frame SUVs 1

Toyota will reduce the range of old-school frame SUVs: in December, the FJ Cruiser will finally be retired. The only market for an all-terrain vehicle developed in the first half of the 2000s is the Middle East because this model has not been offered in Japan, North America, and South Africa for a long time. Toyota will say goodbye to the FJ Cruiser by releasing a limited edition of 1000 copies of the Final Edition with a special decor and an anti-chrome package.

There are no photos of the Toyota FJ Cruiser Final Edition yet, but judging by the description, the latest batch of SUVs for the Middle East will be very similar to the “farewell” series of FJ Cruiser for Japan, adjusted for the location of the steering wheel.

Five years ago, beige all-terrain vehicles with black door handles, rearview mirrors, radiator grille, and bumpers were offered in the Land of the Rising Sun; something similar is waiting for buyers now.

It is known that the FJ Cruiser Final Edition technology will not change: an uncontested 270-horsepower (380 Nm) atmospheric V6 gasoline engine with a volume of 4.0 liters in conjunction with a 5-speed “automatic”, plug-in all-wheel drive, will remain under the hood.

In the USA, Toyota FJ Cruiser stopped selling back in 2015, but the SUV is still in demand. In North America, used old-school all-terrain vehicles have risen in price several times in just a couple of years, and now well-groomed copies with small runs cost 60-80 thousand dollars. There is no excitement in the Arab Emirates yet, and Toyota is still accepting applications for a model at a price of 156,900 Dirhams (equivalent to 43 thousand dollars).

Source: Toyota