Toyota Hilux turned into an off-road Lamborghini Gallardo

Toyota Hilux turned into an off-road Lamborghini Gallardo 1

CB Media published a video on the YouTube channel with a story about a Thai workshop building replicas of Lamborghini Gallardo and Aventador. Usually, these are quite skillfully made copies of the original supercars, but among them, there are extreme options. For example, an off-road coupe with a Gallardo-style body on a Toyota Hilux chassis, with a Lexus engine and huge wheels. The cost of such a car is 45 thousand dollars.

The Thai workshop from the CB Media video is building replicas of the Lamborghini Gallardo and Aventador, using Toyota Crown chassis parts and custom components. The beauty of such cars is not only in their external similarity to Italian supercars but also in the ability to put almost any engine on them. So, one of the replicas featured in the video will receive a V6 produced by Audi, and the other — a Honda “turbo-four” K-series.

But still, the most interesting car in the workshop is a four-wheel-drive coupe, outwardly resembling the Gallardo LP560-4. The car is based on a Toyota Hilux “trolley” and will be equipped with a Lexus engine.

The entire body — including headlights and other removable elements — is made independently, and such a car will cost the customer the equivalent of 45 thousand dollars. This is not much, since the usual replicas “start” with 60 thousand.

In addition to cars, the workshop is engaged in the manufacture of custom furniture. These are tables with a front part in the form of different models of Lamborghini, a combo table-couch in the style of Ferrari 488 GTB, and even a sofa in the form of a full-size layout of Lamborghini Aventador SVJ.