Toyota has recalled its new electric crossover bZ4X

Toyota has recalled its new electric crossover bZ4X 1

Toyota offers a variety of tools to solve the problems of bZ4X owners. There is a possibility that the wheels of this model may fall off when driving.

Toyota has recently launched an all-electric crossover on the market. The Toyota bZ4X went on sale just a few months ago but is already subject to a serious recall. Now Toyota has sent out a letter reminding owners not to get behind the wheel of a car and describing the situation in its current form.

Toyota has recalled the bZ4X electric SUV, fearing that its wheels might actually fall off. In particular, the bolts that connect the wheels of an SUV to its body can be loosened. As a result, the wheels will begin to separate from the car body. In the worst case, the wheels can completely fall off of the car.

The concerned letter is not only a reminder of the recall and related security considerations but also an update. Toyota admits it doesn’t have a solution for the car yet. Although it will be very inconvenient for new Toyota bZ4X owners to park their cars indefinitely, Toyota will do everything possible to help its customers.

The automaker notes that owners should contact any authorized Toyota dealer to arrange to receive their car. The dealer will pick up the car for free, transport it and store it until a correction of the recall becomes available.

In addition to the above, Toyota offers several options to help customers in this unpleasant situation. The automaker will continue to rent a car for free and pay for fuel while the customer’s bZ4X is in storage. For owners who have paid for repairs in full, Toyota issues a loan of $5,000. This amount will be used for monthly rent or loan payments.

Toyota has recalled its new electric crossover bZ4X 3

For owners who just don’t want to deal with it, Toyota offered to buy the car. The automaker writes that soon representatives of the brand will contact each owner of the bZ4X to discuss options in detail.