Toyota and Suzuki will release an inexpensive electric crossover

Toyota and Suzuki will release an inexpensive electric crossover 1

Suzuki Motor will launch a new model on the Indian market, created jointly with Toyota Motor. According to Nikkei Asia, we are talking about a compact electric car based on a new platform — a joint development of Japanese companies. In addition, almost nothing is known about the upcoming novelty. But it is noted that with its help Suzuki and Toyota intend to push the local Tata Motors in the Indian market, which hints at a modest price tag.

According to insiders, the electric compact cross from Toyota and Suzuki will enter the Indian market in 2025. It should compete with Tata Motors, which also relies on “green” mobility: the company recently bought a factory from Ford in the city of Sanand in Gujarat. The American giant left India back in 2021, although earlier it also planned to establish production of electric vehicles at a local factory.

Suzuki will invest about 150 billion yen or $1.25 billion in the production of “battery-powered” cars in the country. The Suzuki battery plant will be located next to the new Tata facilities in Gujarat, where the Japanese already have a platform for the production of cars with gasoline engines.

The manufacturers’ plans rhyme with the authorities’ views on the future of the car market: due to air pollution, India wants to increase the share of electric cars to 30 percent of the total volume of cars sold by 2030.

Toyota’s first production electric car turned out to be problematic. The brand released the bZ4X crossover, developed jointly with Subaru, and after just a couple of months had to announce a recall due to falling off wheels. It was not possible to quickly fix the dangerous defect, and Toyota had to offer customers to hand over the crossovers back and return the money.

Source: Nikkei Asia