TopCar showed carbon McLaren 765LT

TopCar showed carbon McLaren 765LT 1

TopCar Design company, which specializes in deep tuning of exclusive cars, has presented a new project based on the British McLaren 765LT sports car. The already rare limited edition coupe has become even more unique due to a completely new body. All parts are made of carbon fiber and replace standard elements. And at the same time, these improvements improve not only the appearance but also the cooling of the power plant.

The car has received new body panels made of carbon fiber, which repeat the standard elements and are installed on standard fasteners, which allows, if necessary, to return the car to its factory appearance. It takes specialists three days to replace all body parts.

“We understand what a difficult job McLaren has done and that the aerodynamics are thought out to the smallest detail, so we decided not to change the shape and aerodynamics of factory parts. The only thing is that we put our own hood on the car, with more developed air intakes, which allows the car to “breathe” better in motion! That is, in fact, we made a “carbon suit” for the McLaren 765 LT, which does not spoil, but on the contrary, emphasizes the individuality of the car owner,” TopCar describes the project.

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The show car received body panels made of unpainted carbon fiber of classic black color with traditional weaving, but at the request of the customer, the tuning studio is ready to make carbon fiber parts of any color.

Recall that similar improvements for McLaren buyers are also offered as part of the personalization program by the McLaren Special Operations court tuning studio, which is ready to translate the wishes of customers into reality at the time of ordering a new company supercar.