Too expensive gasoline is forcing Britons to give up personal car travel

Too expensive gasoline is forcing Britons to give up personal car travel 1

More and more residents of the UK are forced to reduce trips by private car — both everyday and long-term, according to the tabloid The Sun. According to him, due to excessively high fuel prices, a car for a number of residents of the country has turned from transport into a luxury item that they can no longer afford against the background of the general increase in the cost of living. So, about 10 percent of drivers reported that they had to give up vacation trips.

Another 12 percent of the surveyed car owners have become less likely to travel to work by private car because of too expensive fuel. At the same time, among young drivers aged 18 to 24, this share is higher and amounts to 20 percent. Also, some young Britons refused to travel to educational institutions by car, and about one in ten residents of the country under the age of 34 had to sell the car altogether.

A number of British activists are calling on the authorities to take control of rising fuel prices, which are “destroying business and everyday life.” In particular, it is proposed to reduce prices outside major cities and reduce VAT to 17.5 percent to help people in an “emergency situation” with the cost of living.

According to Bloomberg, retail gasoline prices in the UK began to gradually decline after a long drop in the cost of fuel on the stock exchange. So, last week, the Asda chain reduced the price of a liter by nine pence. However, as noted by public figures, the trend is too weak to be noticed by ordinary consumers.

Source: The Sun