The third generation Duster will have a hybrid AWD

The third generation Duster will have a hybrid AWD 1

In Europe, the Dacia brand, which is part of the Renault Group, is actively working on the next Duster. It is already known that with the change of generations, the crossover will change the Global Access platform (also known as B0) to the CMF-B modular architecture and, according to new information provided by L’argus, will get a hybrid all-wheel drive (AWD).

French journalists found out that the third-generation Duster will get an electric motor to drive the rear axle: in other words, the rear wheels will not be mechanically connected to the engine and gearbox. Such a system is already used on a number of models, for example, on the Toyota Yaris Cross. In addition, the next Duster is expected to have an E-Tech hybrid installation, familiar from the European Captur — it will replace the 1.5-liter turbo diesel. However, there is no official confirmation of these rumors from Renault yet.

Earlier it became known that the work on the design of the third Duster was completed by 99 percent, while during the project the main stylist was replaced three times in Dacia. So, in April 2021, the Spanish designer Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos was appointed to this position, but just a week later he moved to competitors – he was replaced by the Stellantis concern to work at Alfa Romeo. Mesonero-Romanos was replaced by Miles Nurnberger, who previously worked at Aston Martin, Lincoln, and Citroen. But he also left Dacia, so it’s up to Frenchman David Durand to bring Duster and a brand new Bigster crossover to mind.