The Tesla Model S battery refused to charge in the cold

The Tesla Model S battery refused to charge in the cold 1

December 2022 was marked by a weather anomaly in the United States: record snowfalls covered most of the country, and in some cities, the temperature dropped below -50 degrees Celsius. Frosts continued around Christmas when many Americans prefer to meet with their relatives, getting to them by car. And for at least one Tesla owner, the family holiday turned out to be ruined, as his Model S refused to charge in the cold.

The user TikTok under the nickname Domnatishow posted a video with more than 10 thousand comments, in which he complained that his Tesla battery does not charge at subzero temperatures. He stopped at the Tesla Supercharger charging station when he had just over 30 kilometers of mileage left. The temperature was -7 degrees Celsius.

Domnatishow put the Model S on a charge, waiting for the battery to warm up: according to the instructions, by preparing it in this way, you can increase the charging speed. However, after a few hours, the Tesla did not start charging. The owner decided to leave the electric car at the station and drove home in a passing car. After 15 hours, he returned and found that nothing had changed: the Tesla was still not charged. As a result, Domnatishow had to cancel plans for Christmas.

Owners of electric cars often face problems in cold weather. The running “battery” cars of Tesla, Porsche, Volkswagen, and other brands tested a year ago lost an average of 50 percent of the power reserve at -20 degrees Celsius.

Frost not only reduces the range but also affects the charging speed: at the beginning of the year it turned out that the Toyota bZ4X cannot use express charging when the temperature drops below zero.

Source: Carscoops