The Tesla driver ran a red light and flew into the building. Video

The Tesla driver ran a red light and flew into the building. Video 1

In Ohio, there was an accident involving a Tesla electric car. The driver of the Model 3 sedan said that he mixed up the pedals and because of this lost control of his car, causing a collision with a building. But the police noted that the witnesses of the accident gave completely different testimony and indicated that the ramming of the building could be the result of a deliberate violation of traffic rules. And only by a lucky chance, none of the people in this accident were seriously injured.

The incident occurred in early May with a driver who was driving on the SR-315 road when he suddenly lost control of the car — at a speed of more than 110 kilometers per hour, the Tesla drove onto Neal Avenue, then drove through a red light at the intersection of Vine Street and North High Street, before crashing into the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

Ramming a concrete flowerbed in front of the building, the electric car took off and pierced through the glass facade of the center, ending up inside. The police believe that the driver lost control by speeding because eyewitnesses of the accident said that Tesla did not even try to stop at a red light — on the contrary when the yellow light came on, the electric car accelerated.

The driver himself survived, having been injured, and the building was damaged in the amount of 250 to 350 thousand dollars. Representatives of the Greater Columbus Convention Center explained that the accident damaged not only the glass facade of the building but also destroyed part of the interior decoration, carpeting, and even electrical wiring with a fire extinguishing system.