The successor Bugatti Chiron will be released in 2027. He will be a hybrid

The successor Bugatti Chiron will be released in 2027. He will be a hybrid 1

The Bugatti Chiron era is nearing sunset — the 1500-horsepower hypercar introduced in 2016 has acquired a lot of special versions in six years, and the swan song of the model will be the Mistral roadster shown in August, which has already been officially named the last car with a W16 engine. A gasoline engine with four turbines will be replaced by a hybrid power plant, and this will make the new hypercar more compact than the existing flagship of the French brand.

Bugatti’s chief designer Akim Anscheidt said in an interview with Autocar that the upcoming model will be built around a new chassis. The rejection of the giant W16 engine will make it possible to make a more compact car with a completely different body design than the Chiron, but equally sophisticated aerodynamics.

There is no information about the new product, except for the confirmed transition to a gasoline-electric propulsion system. Bugatti’s deputy design director Frank Hale promised that the new car “will be even more amazing than the Mistral” and “that working on the model is a pleasure because it will be amazing and technologically innovative, a car that will completely knock people out of the rut.”

But it is known that the upcoming hybrid hypercar will be more expensive than the Bugatti W16 Mistral, which is estimated at five million euros. The premiere of the model will take place in a few years since the new product is scheduled to enter the market in 2027.