The soda can turned out to be stronger than the Nissan 370Z bumper

The soda can turned out to be stronger than the Nissan 370Z bumper 1

On the Web, you can stumble upon all sorts of spectacular experiments that owners conduct with their cars. In some experiments, various machine parts are tested for strength in the most sophisticated ways. So did the owner of the Nissan 370Z, who compared the rigidity of the front lip of the bumper of his sports car with a can of carbonated drink. The process of the experiment, the result of which turned out to be unexpected, was the man posted on the Reddit forum.

During the experiment, the man put a can of soda under the front lip of the bumper, and then abruptly lowered the sports car. As a result of the pressure, a car part made of polyurethane formed almost into an accordion. At the same time, the can of soda remained unharmed. After the experiment, the bumper was returned to its original state.

The commentators of the video noted that the use of polyurethane materials in car body parts is a huge advantage over fiberglass elements that split and crack under loads. In addition, users noted the efficient operation of the Nissan 370Z suspension.

Another unusual experiment was conducted by Toyota in September last year. Experts tested the strength of the Tundra body by dropping a 227-kilogram load on the pickup truck.