The original Hyundai Ioniq will be discontinued in July

The original Hyundai Ioniq will be discontinued in July 1

In 2016, Hyundai introduced the Ioniq family of electrified liftbacks, which included a conventional hybrid, a hybrid with a charging function, and an electric car. In 2019, the whole family was updated, and a year later it turned out that Hyundai allocates Ioniq into a separate brand, under which exclusively electric cars will be produced. And those very original Ioniq are being retired — they will be discontinued next month.

The original Hyundai Ioniq will be discontinued in July 3

Toyota Prius was a direct competitor of the original Hyundai Ioniq hybrid, and Ioniq was more in demand in the European market than its Japanese rival, and several times: over the past five years, Europeans have bought 135 thousand copies of Ioniq and about 41 thousand Priuses. But in the USA, the Prius was more popular.

The hybrid Ioniq was equipped with a 1.6-liter internal combustion engine, which worked according to the Atkinson cycle, and a 44-horsepower electric motor. The latter was powered by a 1.56-kilowatt-hour battery. The rechargeable hybrid was equipped with a 61-horsepower electric motor and an 8.9-kilowatt-hour battery, and the fully electric Ioniq was equipped with a 136-horsepower electric motor and a 38.3-kilowatt-hour battery. The range of the electric car was 294 kilometers.

Now the life cycle of the original Ioniq is coming to an end. The acceptance of orders for liftbacks has already been stopped, and the last copy will come off the assembly line of the Ulsan plant in July. There will be no direct successor to the model, but the name Ioniq will be transferred to a new sub-brand of electric vehicles.