The new Toyota Tundra coped perfectly with the crash test

The new Toyota Tundra coped perfectly with the crash test 1

The American Insurance Institute for Road Safety conducted another series of crash tests, during which it tested the new generation of Toyota Tundra XK70. During the inspection, a full-size frame pickup truck was tested during lateral and frontal impacts with partial overlap. In addition, the car passed tests for the strength of the roof when tipping over, as well as the operation of automatic braking systems in front of cars and pedestrians. As a result of crash tests, experts noted the excellent security of the model.

The new Toyota Tundra received the highest safety rating of Top Safety Pick+. At the same time, experts rated “good” for passive protection, and “acceptable” for the operation of optics in a complete set with reflex—type units. A little better pickup truck demonstrated the work of the headlights in the projection version. In addition, the experts of the insurance Institute noted the exceptional performance of the automatic emergency braking system, both during the daytime and at dusk.

Toyota Tundra XK70 was introduced in September last year. A full-size frame pickup truck is equipped with a 3.5-liter turbocharged V6, the output of which, depending on the performance, is 389 and 437 horsepower. Moreover, in the latter version, the gasoline engine of the car complements the electric motor. Both units are combined with a ten-band automatic transmission.

The day before, Chinese cars demonstrated the highest level of protection during crash tests. Experts gave five stars to the Ora Funky Cat hatchback and the Wey Coffee 01 crossover.

Source: IIHS / YouTube