The imminent debut of the Mercedes-AMG electric supercar has been announced

The imminent debut of the Mercedes-AMG electric supercar has been announced 1

Mercedes-Benz CEO Ola Kallenius announced the imminent debut of the AMG electric supercar line. At the Financial Times “The Future of Cars” summit, the top manager said: “Next week we will show what, in our opinion, the world of electric cars will look like in the interpretation of AMG.” Kallenius made it clear that we are talking about an electric concept car, which will become a production model by the middle of the decade.

Ola Kallenius did not disclose the technical data of the future supercar but confirmed that the electric car will be developed from scratch on a new architecture. It is assumed that the concept will become the halo of the electric future of Mercedes-AMG, that is, it will anticipate the premiere of the most technologically advanced and fastest electric car from Affalterbach.

In 2013, Mercedes-Benz already experimented with the SLS AMG Electric Drive electric supercar, but the mass coupe did not become. By 2025, technology should allow the production of uncompromising electric-powered sports models in accordance with the Mercedes EV-only strategy. However, working on an electric supercar does not mean the termination of the project of the Mercedes-AMG gasoline flagship — the new GT series coupe.

The electric supercar will be the second Mercedes-Benz concept car in 2022. The first was the futuristic Vision EQXX — it was developed in an effort to achieve maximum autonomy. Obviously, now the engineers of the German company have set an absolutely opposite goal.

Source: Autocar