The GMA T.50 supercar took to the roads for the first time

The GMA T.50 supercar took to the roads for the first time 1

In 2020, Gordon Murray Automotive (GMBH), owned by the chief designer of the legendary McLaren F1, Gordon Murray, introduced the T.50 coupe. The ideological successor of McLaren F1 is undergoing final tests and adjustments, to which a new phase has been added — driving tests from closed landfill roads have moved to public roads. Even though the probability of active operation of the car by buyers is extremely low, the manufacturer is obliged to make sure that the car will meet all the requirements.

Briton Dario Franchitti, who previously raced, and now helps Gordon Murray Automotive in fine-tuning the driving habits of the new supercar, took the prototype to the streets in the Italian region of Puglia. From the roads of the high-speed polygon “Nardo”, the pre-production GMA T.50 got out onto the streets of the commune of the same name.

“Considering that we are not yet at the end of the development cycle, we are not completely satisfied with the car yet, but there is already an understanding of how good this car will be. I’m sitting here in the south of Italy, and I’m thinking to myself, I wonder if Gordon Murray will let me take the supercar back to Shelford, to the base, because I think it will be just an epic trip,” Dario Franchitti shared his impressions of the trip.

Earlier, Gordon Murray Automotive showed how the calibration process of the new T.50 airbags is taking place at the landfill in Papenburg, Germany. For this, pre-production prototypes are run on various types of roads, including paving stones, driven at different speeds through calibrated recesses and “speed bumps”.