The Ford Bronco SUV of the 2023 model year will receive new body colors

The Ford Bronco SUV of the 2023 model year will receive new body colors 1

According to a recent “leak” of information, the American Ford Bronco SUV version of the 2023 model year will be available with 11 body paint options.

It’s safe to say that the Ford Bronco is a huge success. In fact, the 2022 model year version of the SUV was already sold out last month, so we’re all wondering when to expect the 2023 model year Ford Bronco. According to recent reports, the acceptance of orders for the Ford Bronco 2023 will start in August. Whether you will get your car this year or not is still unknown, as various kinds of delays continue to interfere with the Blue Oval and other automakers. But one thing you don’t have to wait for anymore is the color palette. Thanks to the information leaked to the media, it became known with what shades it will be possible to order an SUV.

“The Fighter Jet Grey shade (similar to Cactus Grey) will be joined by Robin’s Egg Blue, a shade inspired by the iconic Wind Blue color that was used on the original Bronco between 1972 and 1975.”

The colors Peak Blue Metallic, Yellowstone, and Eruption Green Metallic are also offered. Code Orange is one of the brightest body colors. Those who prefer less “flashy” shades can choose Terrain, Lead Foot Gray, or Iconic Silver Metallic, and Velocity Blue Metallic is the last of the 11 colors offered for the new Bronco. Oxford White and Shadow Black are not listed on the site, but we suspect that these colors have not gone away.

In addition to an extensive color palette, the 2023 Bronco will also be available in the long-awaited Heritage Edition. It is expected that this special model will be painted in Wimbledon White, like the original Bronco in 1966. Rapid Red body stripes and silver accents are also likely, as well as old-school wheels with four slots. The Bronco Everglades will also be available with a tube, winch, and all the other off-road improvements included in the Sasquatch package.

Not so long ago, our publication wrote that the new Ford Bronco SUV will enter the European market in 2023 / The company announced that the retro Ford Bronco SUV will arrive in Europe at the end of 2023 to compete with the Land Rover Defender. But not all countries will receive this novelty.