The cost of Tesla electric vehicles in North America has risen sharply

The cost of Tesla electric vehicles in North America has risen sharply 1

Tesla is traditionally famous for some secrecy. At one time, its head, Elon Musk, even dispersed the PR department “as unnecessary”, and after that, the automaker simply began to put buyers in front of the fact, not always explaining certain changes.

So, the cost of Tesla electric vehicles in North America has increased dramatically. And this has not happened for the first time since the beginning of the year.

So, the base price of the Model 3 (which was once positioned as an electric car for 35 thousand dollars) has not changed since the spring rise in price and is 48.5 thousand dollars. But for the Long Range version, they are now asking for 2.5 thousand longer: from 58 thousand.

The most popular crossover Model Y has risen in price, depending on the version, by 2-3 thousand dollars. But the prices for top models rose the most. So now you will have to pay five thousand dollars for the Model S, and six thousand dollars for the Model X.

Traditionally, the automaker does not explain the reasons for the price increase, but we have at least two reasonable explanations. And the connecting element here is the fact that the queues for different Tesla models have now stretched for at least six months, and a maximum of more than a year.

Two conclusions follow from this. Firstly, by raising prices, Tesla regulates the demand for its cars, which now significantly exceeds the supply. The company did this already in March and in April, but the queues continue to grow.

Secondly, Tesla is insured in case of an increase in inflation. Taking orders now for a car that will be delivered only in a year, the automaker fixes its price. If inflation is higher than the calculations, Tesla will be forced to sell the car to the customer at a loss.