The Chinese showed an electric car XPeng G9 with a range of 700 km and the world’s fastest charging

The Chinese showed an electric car XPeng G9 with a range of 700 km and the world's fastest charging 1

An electric crossover XPeng G9 has been presented in China. The brand’s flagship model is already available in the country at a price of 310,000 to 470,000 yuan ($43,700 to $66,300) and should appear in Europe next year. Details of the car have been revealed on the official XPeng website.

The Chinese showed an electric car XPeng G9 with a range of 700 km and the world's fastest charging 3
The size of the crossover is comparable to the BMW X5
Photo: Xpeng

Design of the electric car XPeng G9

The new XPeng G9 is a mid-sized five-seat crossover with a streamlined design. It has thin diode headlights across the full width of the body and retractable door handles. The size of the electric car is comparable to the BMW X5 and Volkswagen Touareg.

The Chinese showed an electric car XPeng G9 with a range of 700 km and the world's fastest charging 5
LED headlights and lights stretched to the full width of the body.
Photo: Xpeng

XPeng G9 dimensions:

Length – 4,891 mm
Width – 1937 mm
Height – 1680 mm
Wheelbase – 2998 mm

The interior trim uses leather and aluminum. The front panel features a small virtual dashboard and two 15-inch touchscreen displays for the driver and front passenger.

The Chinese showed an electric car XPeng G9 with a range of 700 km and the world's fastest charging 7
The front panel has separate touchscreen displays for the driver and passenger
Photo: Xpeng

Equipment includes power front seats, two wireless smartphone chargers, and all-around cameras. A 28-speaker audio system and autopilot are available for an extra charge.

Electric car XPeng G9, characteristics

The XPeng G9 electric car is offered in 313-horsepower rear-wheel drive and 550-horsepower all-wheel drive versions. Acceleration to 100 km/h takes 6.4 and 3.9 seconds, respectively, and the top speed is limited to 200 km/h.

The Chinese showed an electric car XPeng G9 with a range of 700 km and the world's fastest charging 9
Equipment includes power seats and wireless charging for smartphones
Photo: Xpeng

With the standard 78.2 kW∙h battery, the range is 570 km, and with the extended (98 kW∙h) – 702 km. The Chinese electric car has got the world’s fastest charging system: it allows recharging the battery by 80% in just 15 minutes, and in 5 minutes it will increase the range by 200 km.