The cheapest cars in the world are named

The cheapest cars in the world are named 1

The editors tried to identify the cheapest cars that can be bought in the world today. It turned out that all the cheapest cars on the planet are sold in China through the Alibaba website. Their names are difficult to pronounce, but you can order home delivery or to the nearest port of your city.

The cheapest cars in China: TOP 10

Hongsheng Pickup – $2,500 dollars

The cheapest cars in the world are named 3

A pickup truck based on a golf cart. According to the information from the seller’s website: the car is an electric vehicle capable of carrying up to 2 tons of cargo. “Convenient for daily travel, an ideal means of transportation,” the description says. Overall dimensions of Hongsheng Pickup are as follows: length is 3800 mm, width – 1450 mm, height – 1650 mm. But the Chinese pickup truck cannot boast of the maximum speed and range.

The pickup truck is able to accelerate only up to 50 km / h, and on a fully charged battery, it will travel only 120 kilometers. But he has pneumatic seals of the cargo compartment lid, which in the same Chevrolet Silverado are offered only as an option. And all this for 2 thousand 500 dollars. For an additional fee, the seller is ready to complete the Hongsheng Pickup even with an air conditioner, as well as a generator for recharging a lead-acid battery.

Changli Mini «Solar» – $2,090

The cheapest cars in the world are named 5

This model is probably the only one on this list that you could ever hear of. Changli is considered an ultra-budget brand in China and many wealthy people and bloggers bought his Mini “Solar” car for fun.

However, then the giggling turned into a thoughtful “MMM …” when they realized that the car was not so bad for its 2 thousand 90 dollars. And it looks almost like a Mini Cooper, though half a meter shorter. Inside, a cheap city car is equipped with large and functional displays, one of which is even touch-sensitive. It has air conditioning and a rearview camera.

Changli PK-002 – $2,058

The cheapest cars in the world are named 7

Another representative of the Changli brand, which is slightly cheaper than the Mini “Solar”. But it has a much more practical body, which is well suited for cargo transportation. The PK-002 is a pickup truck that has been nicknamed the “clone” of the Ford F-150. Its length is 3.5 meters. The miniature electric car is capable of taking up to 400 kg on board. For 2 thousand 58 dollars, you can count on the PK-002 having electric windows, an electric heater, a folding hatch, a rearview camera, a trunk, and additional lighting equipment on the roof.

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Optionally, you can order an air conditioner and a compact gasoline generator, which will increase the power reserve. But it will not be possible to increase the maximum speed. It is only 45 kilometers per hour. The battery with a capacity of 4.8 kW/h allows the PK-002 to drive from 70 to 130 kilometers, depending on the driving mode.

R&Z SUV – $1,990

The cheapest cars in the world are named 9

An off-road electric car, somewhat reminiscent of the notorious Ford F-150. 4-seater mini-SUV with independent suspension, rear brakes, and, possibly, a working interior heater. Its length is 2800 mm, its width – is 1300 mm, and its height – is 1600 mm. The drive is rear-wheel drive. The maximum speed is 40 kilometers per hour, and the power reserve on a fully charged battery is 100 kilometers.

As options, front and rear protection is offered, welded from metal pipes, as well as a roomy roof rack. And all this for less than 2 thousand dollars.

Changli 003 $1,988

The cheapest cars in the world are named 11

The good old Changli with the index 003 is not much different from the other cheapest cars on this TOP, except that it is all-wheel drive! The microcar, which has only 2 slots less in the grille than the Jeep, boasts a variety of trim options. But, oddly enough, unlike many of his brethren, he does not have a roof rack or off-road lights.

The all-wheel-drive model (if it can be called that) is expensive for driving characteristics, reducing the already meager maximum speed from 43 to 33 kilometers per hour. But the car can be used in winter. For example, like a snow plowman.

QK Pickup $1,859

The cheapest cars in the world are named 13

The first pickup truck on this list is not electric. This is a real 1-cylinder lawn mower equipped with a 25-horsepower diesel engine. In some incomprehensible way, it comes with a 4WD system and a hydraulic platform. There are enclosed cabins as well as double installations.

MH S3 $1,811

The cheapest cars in the world are named 15

This cheap car can make people laugh at first, and then, after stopping laughing, think, why not? For just 18 percent of the cost of Ford, you can get your hands on a car that with four people in the cabin can accelerate to 35 kilometers per hour. And if you replace its lead-acid battery with a battery for a DeWalt power tool, then the “maximum” will become even higher.

For 1 thousand 800 dollars, you can count on a completely normal interior with decent trim, four doors, handles, power windows, adjustable front seats, a ceiling fan, and a traditional rearview mirror.

All four tiny wheels of the MH S3 have disc brakes and red-painted calipers.

Haibao Qiao Hu $1,669

The cheapest cars in the world are named 17

This car is well suited to take photos against its background, but when it comes to driving, questions arise. The equipment is also quite primitive – only a ceiling fan and a small screen showing a picture from the rearview camera.

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The maximum speed of Haibao Qiao Hu is only 38 kilometers per hour. But unlike previous cars, a choice of body stickers is available for this electric car. In addition, you can create your own and ask the automaker to print them out and put them on the car.

Minghong S1-PRO $1,265

The cheapest cars in the world are named 19

One of the cheapest cars that can be bought today both in China and in the world. The price is only 1 thousand 265 dollars. The arsenal of the S1 PRO, despite such a low price, includes power windows, LED headlights, and even air conditioning. There are only three seats installed in the cabin. The driver is located in the front, and two passengers are located in the back. The maximum speed is 33 kilometers per hour.

Changli Nemica $1,249 or $975

The cheapest cars in the world are named 21

Before Changli Nemica became a bestseller, prices for it started at a ridiculous $975, but high demand allowed the company to raise the cost to $1,249. Nevertheless, the “Nemika” is still the cheapest car in China and, concurrently, on the planet.

The modest price almost does not affect its characteristics. The claimed power reserve is almost 100 kilometers. The owners of this electric car note that even with time, the driving qualities of Nemica do not change, so the model is considered relatively reliable. From the pleasant in the “stuffing”, there is a radio with Bluetooth support.