The best motorcycles of 2022

The best motorcycles of 2022 1

Many factors were considered when compiling the list of the best motorcycles of 2022:

Performance-related characteristics, such as power and torque.

Economic aspects, such as fuel economy, range, and environmental aspects.

The comfort and handling of this year’s contenders.

Riding style and budget.

The list of the best motorcycles is quite large. We will consider only some models.

1. Harley-Davidson Sportster S

the most beautiful motorcycle of 2022

The best motorcycles of 2022 3
  • Power unit Revolution Max 1250T
  • Power: 122 hp.
  • 125 Nm of torque at 6,000 rpm
  • Curb weight: 228 kg
  • Seat height without a load: 765 mm

Among the merits of this motorcycle are not only its brutal appearance but also its liquid-cooled engine, suspension with a fully adjustable fork, and driver assistance systems such as cruise control and ABS.

Harley-Davidson’s engineers were able to reduce the weight of the motorcycle by abandoning the traditional frame. The extremely rigid chassis, of which the engine is a part, and low center of gravity affect the performance for the better.

The loud exhaust pipes are made of stainless anti-corrosion steel. Thanks to the design features, they do not heat the pipes near the driver’s feet.

The Sportster S has three standard riding modes: “Sport”, “Road” and “Rain”. If that’s not enough, you can create your own mode by combining the settings.

2. Zero 2022 SR – the best electric motorcycle of 2022

The best motorcycles of 2022 5
  • Engine type: Z-Force 75-10 PMAC air-cooled
  • Power: 74 hp.
  • Weight: 229 kg
  • Cypher III+ operating system
  • The maximum range of the bike: is 363.2 km

This sporty motorcycle accelerates to a hundred in just 3.3 seconds, and its ergonomics allow it to both ride around town and rush around the track.

Instead of releasing various configurations of the electric motorcycle, the manufacturer offers just one, but some functions in it are programmatically limited. The owner can unlock them by making a purchase from the Cypher Store mobile store. For example, a 10% faster charge costs $195. But a 20% increase in range on a single charge will already cost $2,195.

Yes, the idea of a paid feature unlock looks like a ploy by marketers, but these are the realities of today’s world. For example, Tesla offers the innovative Full Self-Driving driverless feature on a subscription basis.

The initial 74 horsepower and a maximum speed of 167 km/h can be increased to 113 hp and 200 km/h respectively.

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3. 2022 Yamaha VMAX 1200 – The Fastest Cruiser

The best motorcycles of 2022 7
  • Engine: 4-stroke V-shaped
  • Engine capacity: 1200 cc.
  • Working volume: 1679 cc3
  • Maximum power: 200 hp at 9000 rpm Curb weight: 310 kg
  • Fuel tank capacity: 15 liters

Interesting features of this “Japanese devil” is a four-cylinder engine with a V-shaped layout, and the system V-Boost, which increases the characteristics of the engine power by 35-40% from the stock state. It connects the second pair of valves on each piston and starts working when the engine hits 6,000 rpm.

On the road, the Yamaha VMAX 1200 accelerates to 250 km/h. And two 282 mm brake discs in the front and one 282 mm disc in the rear are responsible for a quick stop. There is a telescopic fork in the front and a mono-shock absorber in the rear.

However, for excessive power and aggressive driving one has to pay off – in this case, clutch, gearbox (the second gear often fails), and Cardan.

4. 2022 BMW R 1250 GS – the best motorcycle for long journeys

The best motorcycles of 2022 9
  • Engine type: 2-cylinder, 4-stroke, air-/liquid-cooled
  • Working volume: 1,254 cm3
  • Maximum power: 136 hp at 7750 pm
  • Gearbox: 6 gears
  • Weight: 249 kg

The 2021 BMW R 1250 GS, with its high-volume opposition engine typical of many motorcycles from the German auto giant, offers cutting-edge performance both on and off the road. And on the highway, this beauty can accelerate up to 200 km/h.

Low emissions, reduced fuel consumption (4.75 liters per 100 km) and available eco driving mode for maximum range make this motorcycle the most economical.

The Select Package offers buyers features such as:

  • Cruise control.
  • GPS.
  • Heated grips.
  • Chrome on the muffler.
  • Cargo case mounts.
  • Tire pressure sensors.
  • Keyless entry features.

5. Aprilia RS 660 – the best sports motorcycle of 2022

The best motorcycles of 2022 11

– Engine: two-cylinder, liquid cooling system
– Engine displacement: 659 cm3
– Engine output: 100 hp, 10,500 rpm at 67 Nm
– Weight: 209 kg
– Seating height: 820 mm
– Diameter of the front disc: 17′′
– Rear Rim Diameter: 17′′

Are you looking for a motorcycle that you can take to the racetrack on the weekend and use for a quick commute to work on weekdays? Consider the Aprilia RS 660, a sports motorcycle from the Italian manufacturer.

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To ensure rider safety at high speeds, it features the Aprilia Performance Ride Control system, originally developed for racing use. It is based on two gyroscopic sensors and two accelerometers that collect data and transmit it to the onboard computer to evaluate the rider’s actions in real-time.

The fuel tank capacity is 15 liters, the consumption is 4.90 liters per every 100 km. The front is equipped with radial double-disc Brembo calipers with four pistons with a diameter of 32 mm. At the rear is a single 220 mm disc, paired with a Brembo dual-piston floating caliper.