The 75-year-old American accelerated on a 1200-HP Nissan GT-R to 350 km/h

The 75-year-old American accelerated on a 1200-HP Nissan GT-R to 350 km/h 1

The network published a video, the main character of which was a 75-year-old American named Barry. In ordinary life, a pensioner calmly moves behind the wheel of his old Honda Civic. Looking at how a man hardly gets out of the car with a cane, it is difficult to assume that his long-standing hobby is speed. It turns out that in addition to the everyday hatchback in Barry’s garage there is an upgraded Nissan GT-R, behind the wheel of which the pensioner went to the airport runway in South Africa.

According to Barry, he developed a love for speed more than 50 years ago when he first saw a Porsche 911 passing by. Years later, the desire to drive has not disappeared. On the contrary, the pensioner got a tuned 2012 Nissan GT-R. After many technical improvements, the supercar engine develops a power of 1200 horsepower. The unit was equipped with an upgraded transmission, which allows you to cope with the recoil of the engine.

To test the capabilities of a supercar, and at the same time himself, Barry went to Upington International Airport in South Africa, on the territory of which there is a long runway. After a short preparation, the pensioner squeezed the maximum out of the modified GT-R. During the race, the speedometer of the sports car showed a speed of 351 kilometers per hour.

In early March, the Network told the story of an 80-year-old resident of South Africa, who can be safely called “the coolest grandmother in the world.” Despite her advanced age, the pensioner replenished her collection with the fifth Volkswagen Golf GTI.

Source: Stefan Kotze Media / YouTube