Tesla’s Autopilot AI director Andrej Karpathy decided to resign

Tesla's Autopilot AI director Andrej Karpathy decided to resign 1

After several years of fruitful work at Tesla, Andrej Karpathy, the head of the department for the creation of artificial intelligence, decided to resign. Earlier, he was sent on a four-month “creative” vacation.

After the federal investigation of the accident, which occurred due to the fault of the Tesla Model S autopilot, the news for the automaker from Texas, USA has not improved. While every automaker will face challenges in striving to create autonomous control systems of various levels, Tesla has already had to face them.

The head of the Artificial intelligence department, Andrej Karpathy, has just resigned after a long vacation.

This happened immediately after the automatic control development department suffered from the dismissal of 200 people, which cannot contribute to improving the work of the often criticized full self-driving technology (FSD).

“It has been a great pleasure to help Tesla achieve its goals over the past five years, and it is difficult to make the decision to part ways,” wrote the senior director of artificial intelligence Karpathy. “Autopilot has moved from lane-keeping to driving on city streets, and I’m looking forward to seeing an exceptionally strong Tesla team unveil a fully operational system.”

This technology also relied heavily on camera- and autopilot-based FSD, and now faces a potential transition to a radar-based system. Both Autopilot and FSD were accused of “phantom braking” or, even worse, of not recognizing semi-trailers as solid objects. Obviously, the company’s regular customers and federal investigators want to get to the bottom of the problems. The dream of Tesla cars with fully autonomous driving seems a little distant after this week.

Earlier this year, Elon Musk announced that Karpathy would be on a four-month sabbatical, and even Karpathy himself announced on social media that he was looking forward to returning. However, after this mini-vacation at Tesla, a lot happened, and at some point, must have had a pause and reflection after yesterday’s resignation. Andrej Karpathy claims that this move is related to a personal desire for “a long-term passion for technical work in the field of AI, open source and education.”