Tesla was recognized as the most expensive car company in the world

Tesla was recognized as the most expensive car company in the world 1

Kantar consulting company has published an annual ranking of the most expensive companies in the world. The list includes the 100 most successful brands over the past year. Among the car brands, the best in 2022 was Tesla, which took 29th place in the overall standings. In addition, several other major automakers were in the top hundred, which significantly lagged behind Elon Musk’s concern. At the same time, only three companies showed the best growth.

According to experts, over the past year, the value of Tesla has grown by 78 percent, reaching $75.9 billion. Only three companies have added more in price than the American manufacturer of electric cars. These include Cartier, YouTube, and Google brands. Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW also made it into the top 100 car brands. The Japanese company took 66th place, while the Germans were located at 70 and 76 positions.

The absolute leader by the end of 2022 was Apple, whose fortune was estimated at $947.1 billion. The top three brands were Google and Amazon with a capitalization of 820 and 705.6 billion, respectively. Microsoft and Tencent rounded out the top five expensive companies with a fortune of $611.5 and $214 billion.

In early April, the famous American Time magazine ranked one hundred of the most influential companies. Among the three automakers, Tesla was not on the list.

Source: Kantar