Tesla wants to make electric cars for China «more Chinese»

Tesla wants to make electric cars for China «more Chinese» 1

In 2022, Tesla will launch a new design studio in Beijing, which will adapt the appearance of electric cars to the tastes of local customers. According to Reuters, the American automaker may start making “more Chinese” cars in China, that is, their design will differ from the global one. The company itself has not yet confirmed this information, but the opening of the Tesla design studio is mentioned in documents published by the administration of the capital of China.

Since 2019, Tesla has been producing electric vehicles for China at its own Gigafactory 3 plant in Shanghai, which allows the automaker to count on government subsidies provided for manufacturers of electric cars and environmentally-friendly vehicles. At the time of opening, the Shanghai Gigafactory was Tesla’s first full-fledged production outside the United States, as well as the first in China, which is fully owned by a foreign company.

Currently, there is an assembly of Model 3 and Model Y, the only difference between which and the global versions are Chinese nameplates.

Tesla wants to make electric cars for China «more Chinese» 3
Tesla logo for the Chinese market

Tesla has already had to face some restrictions in the local market. Earlier it became known that the authorities of the People’s Republic of China saw the electric cars of the American brand as a threat to national security. The cars were suspected of espionage and banned from entering them on the territory of military facilities, and officials were asked to transfer to other cars.

Since August 2021, Tesla has been delivering the Chinese-built Model Y to Europe: they are being sold in the markets of Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Switzerland.