Tesla Semi electric truck prototype broke down just six weeks before delivery

Tesla Semi electric truck prototype broke down just six weeks before delivery 1

Tesla plans to begin deliveries of an all-electric Semi truck on December 1, 2022. But before that happens, one prototype recently broke down near a highway in Fremont, California.

This particular prototype was filmed by a trucker. It’s hard to say exactly what happened. Perhaps the truck just ran out of battery or there was some kind of mechanical problem. Anyway, a Tesla Service van, a large tow truck, and another semi-trailer are parked right behind it.

If this prototype really suffered some kind of failure, Tesla would be wise if it quickly got to the bottom of the issue. The Tesla Semi will primarily be supplied to large corporations that are subjecting their electric tractor to final tests. They may not be so condescending to the issues of the electrified Tesla novelty.

“The head of the concern, Elon Musk, recently confirmed that deliveries of the Tesla Semi will begin on December 1, and the first copies will be sent to PepsiCo. Deliveries will begin five years after the Semi was first introduced to the world. The publication Auto News suggests that Joe Biden’s signing of the Law on reducing inflation could prompt Tesla to accelerate production plans for the Semi truck.”

Indeed, Musk had previously indicated that production of the Semi was suspended due to difficulties in finding enough batteries for it. However, just days after signing the Inflation Reduction Act with the provision that commercial electric vehicles are eligible for tax breaks of up to $40,000, Musk said that deliveries of Semi will begin soon.

It remains unclear how many Tesla Semi trucks will be delivered to PepsiCo and how many will be delivered this year.