Tesla Semi Electric truck in the USA will cost very cheap

Tesla Semi Electric truck in the USA will cost very cheap 1

Thanks to the proposed $40,000 tax credit for electric vehicles in the United States, the Tesla Semi electric truck will cost very cheap.

Just yesterday we learned that a federal tax benefit for electric vehicles has recently been suggested in the United States, which may soon be approved. While the potential law describes all types of vehicles related to consumer electric vehicles, there is also a credit for heavy commercial vehicles. If the new loan becomes law, the upcoming Tesla Semi will be much cheaper.

“Electrification of cars, trucks, and SUVs certainly helps to reduce emissions of harmful substances.”

Nevertheless, it may be even more important to switch fleets and larger commercial vehicles from traditional gasoline to electricity, but this is an extremely expensive task, and the cars themselves are not cheap.

The Tesla Semi is expected to cost around $150,000. However, in the recent past, Tesla has raised the prices of all its electric vehicles many times. There’s a good chance that when the Semi finally hits the market, it will cost more than the automaker originally expected. In any case, it is likely that an electric semi-trailer will cost much more than the diesel engine option.

In any case, the new “Inflation Reduction Law” of 2022 and the reconciliation bill, agreed by Democratic Senators Chuck Schumer and Joe Manchin, provide tax breaks for electric vehicles, as well as other programs that help reduce inflation and protect our environment.

According to the detailed information on tax benefits for electric vehicles in the bill, heavy commercial vehicles weighing more than 6,350 kg will be eligible for a tax benefit of $40,000, which is 30% of the total cost of the vehicle. If the bill is passed without any changes, the buyer will be able to use the smaller of the two options.

Tesla Semi Electric truck in the USA will cost very cheap 3