Tesla recalls nearly 130,000 electric cars due to a critical problem with the electric motor

Tesla recalls nearly 130,000 electric cars due to a critical problem with the electric motor 1

Tesla has discovered a serious problem in 127,785 electric cars manufactured in China between January 11, 2019, and January 25, 2022. Specialists have identified a defect in the work of the inverter of the rear electric motor, in case of failure of which the owners will not be able to start the electric car. The recall campaign at first will only affect the Chinese market. However, in the future, electric cars for Americans can be sent to service centers.

Among the electric cars that will be subject to recall, there are 34,207 units imported to China from the United States. The remaining 93,578 models were built at the Shanghai Gigafactory. Since the electric cars were produced at different facilities, there is likely a global error in Tesla’s production cycle. According to the company, the defect is caused by small differences in the power semiconductor components of the rear engine inverters. Such a malfunction could lead to serious damage to the electric motor.

The inverter may malfunction during parking. Then the driver will not be able to start the electric car. If the element breaks while driving, the car will simply stop. Many owners of the Model Y and Model 3 have already encountered malfunctions of the rear engine. Tesla specialists will fix the defect in electric cars with the help of remote software firmware. All the work will be done by the automaker free of charge.

Source: autoevolution.com