Tesla owners will be forced to pay for using the navigator

Tesla owners will be forced to pay for using the navigator 1

Tesla has announced plans to introduce a fee for drivers to use some options in electric cars. In particular, the brand will charge money for using the navigation system built into the onboard system of the models. The innovation will affect electric vehicles of the brand older than eight years. At the same time, Tesla has already introduced a fee for using Supercharger fast charging stations, which was initially free.

Owners of electric cars that rolled off the assembly lines after July 20, 2022, as well as for cars assembled before January 9, 2020, will have to pay for using the navigator. For models released from January 9, 2020, to July 20, 2022, the option will be available.

If the owners of electric cars do not pay for the navigation system, the function will automatically disappear from the onboard system of cars. Moreover, it will not work to connect a mobile device to multimedia, since Tesla does not provide synchronization via Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Thus, drivers will have to plot a route using smartphones.

In early July, buyers of the new Tesla Model X and Model S received electric cars without keychain keys. Dealerships reported that the keys are now available for an additional fee.

Source: Carbuzz