Tesla Owner Implants Chip in Arm to Open Car, Access Data

Tesla Owner Implants Chip in Arm to Open Car, Access Data 1

The owner of Tesla implanted two scanned chips in his hand to store cryptocurrencies and data. The chips also serve as a key to his home and a way to access his medical records. One of the chips also unlocks his Tesla Model 3.

Brandon Dalali, 39, said he didn’t use anesthesia to numb the pain and that his first chip was much smaller than the second:

“The first one was a little smaller, so it wasn’t as difficult as putting this giant rod in my hand. The first one was preloaded into a larger syringe. They inserted a syringe and inserted a chip similar to how they microchip a dog.”

Brandon is part of a beta group of about 100 people who are testing chips manufactured by Vivokey. The chips are coated with biocompatible substances and soon after implantation are encapsulated in body tissues. Brandon explained how chip capabilities are constantly evolving thanks to new downloadable features (via Teslarati):

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“The company that put this together literally has its own app store where you can wirelessly install apps into your body using these chips. And one of the applications just turned out to be a Tesla key card. So, this was the first app I installed on it, because I have a Tesla, and now I use it as a key when my Bluetooth key fails or I don’t have a key card. You’re just using your hand.”

“How much does it cost Brandon to buy a new chip? $300, which is probably less than you expected. Then he gets a chip installed by a piercing specialist, whose services cost $100.”

Tesla Owner Implants Chip in Arm to Open Car, Access Data 3

Source: Agadir-group.com