Tesla Model 3 electronics failed at 133 kilometers per hour

Tesla Model 3 electronics failed at 133 kilometers per hour 1

The owner of a Tesla Model 3 from California, Javier Rodriguez, was driving on the freeway when he discovered that most of the functions of his electric car failed. According to ABC7 News, by then he had managed to accelerate to 133 kilometers per hour. First, Tesla began to heat up, then emit a strange smell, after which the screen of the multimedia system of the electric car froze. All buttons and switches stopped working with it.

Rodriguez says that he could not turn on either turn signals or “emergency stop”. Besides, the accelerator pedal stopped working. The brake still functioned, but the man was worried that he would over-brake, not be able to return to the flow speed, and another car would run into him.

Meanwhile, the Tesla continued to heat up, the temperature in the cabin rising. Despite the heat and limited steering, Rodriguez still managed to pull over without incident and stop the electric car. After resetting the electronics fully worked, but going further on his own, the owner of the Model 3 did not dare and called the highway patrol.

The electric car went to the Tesla service center, where it was repaired under warranty. The report indicates that due to problems with the power supply, the electric car turned off all onboard electronics to protect it from breakdown. Such an explanation seemed to Rodriguez to be too terse for such a dangerous incident, but he has yet to disclose details.

In early April, Tesla discovered a serious issue in 127,785 electric cars. Specialists identified a defect in the rear electric motor inverter, which could lead to a breakdown. In this case, the owners will not be able to start the electric car. First, cars from China will be repaired, and then the Americans may be sent to the service.

Source: ABC7 News / YouTube