Tesla got into another accident while testing a new autopilot

Tesla got into another accident while testing a new autopilot 1

Tesla has been testing a new generation of Full Self-Driving autonomous driving systems (FSD) since last year. This technology allows the brand’s electric car to quickly navigate in space, adjust to the surrounding environment, as well as quickly respond to other traffic participants, road signs, and traffic lights. At the same time, the autonomous system is experienced by ordinary owners of electric vehicles, who sometimes complain about autopilot. Another system failure was recorded by the driver of the Tesla with the help of a cabin DVR.

In the published video, the Tesla owner moves around California with the autopilot turned on Full Self-Driving. In order to avoid emergency situations, the driver keeps his hands on the steering wheel throughout the trip. On suburban highways, the new generation of autopilot does not experience any difficulties. The system reacts quickly enough to the surrounding situation, notices other few cars, and calmly performs maneuvers. The problems begin when Tesla finds itself on narrow city streets.

During the next turn, the autopilot failed to maintain the trajectory of movement within the road markings, as a result of which the electric car drove into a plastic column that fenced the bike path. Despite the fact that the driver tried to follow the traffic all the way, he did not have time to react to the system failure. Due to the collision with the fence, the Tesla received minor damage to the paintwork on the front bumper.

In October last year, the US authorities demanded that Tesla recall electric cars equipped with a new Full Self-Driving autopilot. Experts reported that the defective autonomous driving system poses a danger to other vehicles.

Source: AI Addict / YouTube.com