Suzuki unveiled a limited edition Hayabusa Bol d’Or in France

Suzuki unveiled a limited edition Hayabusa Bol d'Or in France 1

Suzuki launched the GP version of the Hayabusa in Turin in September, this time a limited edition Bol d’Or will be released in the French market. The edition, which is limited to just a hundred pieces, stands out thanks to several key elements that make this already incredibly powerful motorcycle even more special.

Firstly, it is equipped with the Akrapovic exhaust, which noticeably improves the ride quality thanks to the improved sound. The motorcycle has also received an enlarged racing windshield, which provides additional protection from the wind when riding at full throttle.

The race-oriented cosmetic upgrades continue in the rear of the bike: the rear seat is covered with a sporty fairing. It also gets a flatter, sportier saddle, upgraded brake and clutch lever, and a shorter tail. The engine crankcase is protected by carbon fiber overlays, and various elements of the motorcycle are adorned with anodized hardware.

We also find an aluminum plaque with a SERT Factory Workshop number, confirming the rarity of each of the 100 units to be produced. Last but not least, future owners of this limited-edition model will receive a Hayabusa sport motorcycle parking mat.

Bol d’Or, the iconic 24-hour endurance motorcycle race held in France, celebrated its 100th anniversary not so long ago. Suzuki, like Honda and Yamaha, has a pretty impressive track record at the EWC and therefore saw fit to release a limited edition Hayabusa in honor of the iconic race.

“All of these virtues do make the Hayabusa more than worthy of a second look. There’s a price tag for it, however, and you’ll see a price tag of €27,499.”