Stefan Bradl: Honda is not as bold as Ducati

Stefan Bradl: Honda is not as bold as Ducati 1

In just 11 days, the MotoGP Championship will resume in Silverstone. Fabio Quartararo and Aleix Espargaro will continue to fight for the championship title. The secondary main characters are Zarco, Bagnaia, and Bastianini.

As you can see, not a single Honda pilot was mentioned above. This situation has been going on for three years. Honda cannot achieve good results without its leader Marc Marquez. In the Constructors’ Cup, Honda has only 85 points, against Ducati’s 246. And the best Honda driver in the individual standings (not taking into account Marquez, who takes 13th place) is Takaaki Nakagami – 16 place with 42 points. Leader Fabio Quartararo has 172 points. Of course, this is an unusual situation for the Japanese giant HTC, which traditionally dominates this category.

There is definitely something wrong with the motorcycle – the RC213V does not provide riders with sufficient confidence in the front. Due to poor feedback, pilots are constantly falling. Test pilot Stefan Bradl is disappointed that he could not direct the development department in the right direction. On the other hand, it is also well known to everyone that until recently Honda engineers danced only to the tune of the “Magic Mark”.

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Stefan Bradl: Honda is not as bold as Ducati 3
Stefan Bradl

We all agree with the current direction 100%. The comments of all the riders are completely identical. I also periodically contact Marc Marquez, as he is interested in what is new. So I’m keeping him posted.

It is not so easy for a Japanese factory to develop a new one quickly enough and respond appropriately to new requirements. For the Japanese, the main priority is that before rolling out the update on the track, it must be well tested. In this regard, the Japanese are perhaps a little more conservative. They are not as bold as Ducati, Aprilia, or KTM. They don’t dare to make big changes.

I must also say that a big advantage for European manufacturers is that they can communicate with their riders in the local language. Technical specialists from Ducati and Aprilia can speak Italian with their riders. This is a huge advantage. There are much fewer misunderstandings. Communicating with the Japanese is not always easy. And it’s not easy for riders to convey their feelings. All the Spanish drivers in Ducati and Aprilia speak excellent Italian. On the other hand, it was Honda who won six world titles in seven years with Marc Marquez. And the language barrier was not used as an excuse.

We are gradually figuring out what is missing. There is something in the chassis that needs to be changed. Difficult, but possible. I think we will see more changes as the season progresses. Something will definitely shoot, and we will get on the right path. I can’t say when it will happen because it’s not in my hands. But we are getting closer to solving the problems, although it will take some time before a solution is found. Obviously, the issue cannot be solved either by the next Grand Prix or in the next two months.