Spy Photos of Mercedes-AMG GT

Spy Photos of Mercedes-AMG GT 1

Mercedes-Benz continues testing the second-generation AMG GT sports car. Spies photographed another prototype, and, apparently, it will be the most powerful version in the family.

The disguise cannot completely hide the charging port hatch located under the right taillight – like the AMG GT 63 S E Performance hatchback. It has been officially confirmed that the coupe will be built on the basis of the new SL convertible, fully developed in the Mercedes sports division. The latter should also receive a hybrid modification with the ability to charge from the network: it has not yet been presented, but we saw a well-camouflaged test instance back in October last year. By the way, the exhaust pipes of that car were round, whereas the two-door with a stationary top from a fresh photo set is equipped with trapezoidal ones.

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This may mean that AMG is really preparing two plug-in hybrid variants for both SL and GT – as a long-standing rumor suggested. A more powerful one should borrow the power plant from the aforementioned five-door: there, the combination of a four-liter V8 and an electric motor provides a combined output of 843 hp and 1470 Nm.

To date, the Mercedes-AMG SL has been shown in three versions with indexes 43, 53, and 63. The first got a 381-horsepower moderate hybrid system based on a “turbo-four” with a longitudinal arrangement, the other two got a V8 tuned to 476 and 585 hp, respectively. Apparently, the engine range of the new coupe will be just as wide. The timing of its premiere has not yet been announced.