Sports Ford Mustangs are stolen from the Ford factory parking lot again

Sports Ford Mustangs are stolen from the Ford factory parking lot again 1

According to representatives of the American brand, several sporty Ford Mustangs were stolen from the company’s assembly plant in Flat Rock, USA, once again. On the same night, the thieves also stole many Jeep Wagoneer cars.

Car thefts continue to haunt Ford: last week, thieves managed to steal more than a dozen Mustangs. This is the latest in a string of brazen thefts committed in recent months against various automakers.

“According to Fox 2 Detroit, thieves stole from 12 to 15 new Mustangs around 2 a.m. on September 13, and the police have found only two cars at the moment.”

The incident occurred at the Ford Flat Rock assembly plant in Woodhaven, Michigan, USA. This is the third theft from the factory that produces the Mustang.

Deputy Police Chief Jeffrey Brast told the newspaper that he does not consider these incidents isolated cases. He said that, in his opinion, thieves work in teams and know where to find easy targets for their attacks.

The thieves also theft a Ford F-150 Raptor pickup truck. In June, police found 13 copies of a “loaded” Raptor stolen from a Ford factory in Dearborn. Not only did the police find the cars damaged, but some of them were also reportedly in varying degrees of disassembly. In July, thieves tried to steal more Raptors, but the police quickly responded. Officers chased one of the vehicles, arresting several people and returning the truck and a stolen Ford Mustang Shelby GT500.

Surprisingly, Ford was not the only automaker that was attacked on September 13. In Warren, Michigan, thieves have stolen at least two Jeep Wagoneer vehicles; however, police believe they are looking for at least five or six stolen vehicles. The police managed to find two, but the suspects fled.

Not so long ago, the Ford Mustang 2024 was shown in a stylish version of Shooting Brake. An independent artist has imagined how the iconic Ford Mustang sports car of the 2024 model year version will look in a stylish version of Shooting Brake. The car, presented in bright red body color, looks very interesting.