Smart #1 powerful electric crossover is unveiled

Smart #1 powerful electric crossover is unveiled 1

The Smart #1 electric crossover is 4.27 meters long and has five seats. It was created jointly with Geely.

The new Smart #1 has been presented in Germany. The first crossover in the 28-year history of the brand will go on sale in 2023, and it will be produced at a new plant in China. According to the official website of the brand.

Smart #1 powerful electric crossover is unveiled 3
The serial crossover does not differ externally from the concept car
Photo: Mercedes-Benz

Smart #1 is built on a new platform developed together with Geely (the Chinese concern is a co-owner of the brand along with Mercedes-Benz). This is the largest car of the brand.

The dimensions of the Smart #1 2023:

Length – 4,270 mm
Width – 1820 mm
Height – 1640 mm
Wheelbase – 2750 mm
Weight – 1820 kg

Smart #1 powerful electric crossover is unveiled 5
The crossover has a very small digital dashboard
Photo: Mercedes-Benz

Design Smart #1 2023

The Smart crossover is virtually unchanged from the pre-production concept car. The appearance is dominated by flowing streamlined forms. The drop-shaped headlights and lights are connected by luminous inserts. Door handles are made retractable. The crossover has good aerodynamics: the drag coefficient is 0.29.

The Mercedes-Benz influence can be felt in the cabin – the high slanted center console is reminiscent of that in the C-Class sedan. The crossover also has a narrow digital instrument panel and a large 12.8-inch touchscreen display.

Smart #1 powerful electric crossover is unveiled 7
The front seats are separated by a tilted center console
Photo: Mercedes-Benz

Smart #1 2023 features

The Smart #1 crossover is naturally an electric car, as the German brand has abandoned internal combustion engines since 2020. At first, only a 272-horsepower rear-wheel-drive version is available, capable of 180 km/h. No Smart has ever been so powerful.

Smart #1 powerful electric crossover is unveiled 9
The cruising range of the electric crossover is up to 440 km
Photo: Mercedes-Benz

A battery capacity of 66 kWh allows driving up to 440 km without recharging. It takes 35 minutes to recharge the Smart #1 electric crossover from a fast-charging station at 80%.