Shelby built a 1300 HP Mustang

Shelby built a 1300 HP Mustang 1

Shelby American has introduced a 1300-horsepower GT500 Code Red fastback. It is built on the basis of a conventional Mustang Shelby GT500, but instead of a drive supercharger, it is equipped with two turbochargers. The source of inspiration for the engineers was the experimental “Mustang” of the same name in 2008. The two-door will be released in a tiny series of 30 copies and will cost from $209,995.

In 2010, Shelby American, with the support of Nelson Racing Engines, built one of the most extreme Mustangs in history — the GT500 Code Red. The fastback received a 5.4 V8 engine with a Turbojets turbocharger and a dual fuel system that allowed it to run on conventional and racing fuel.

The return of the GT500 Code Red was about 1000 forces, but in the new limited two—door there will be even more – 1300. It will be released in the amount of 30 copies (10 pieces for each model year starting from 2020) and will be sold for $209,995.

Shelby built a 1300 HP Mustang 3
Shelby built a 1300 HP Mustang 5
Shelby built a 1300 HP Mustang 7
Shelby built a 1300 HP Mustang 9
Shelby built a 1300 HP Mustang 11
Shelby built a 1300 HP Mustang 13

The price is supported by an impressive list of improvements. For example, the GT500 Code Red engine is fully assembled manually, equipped with two Xona 7869S turbochargers, a new fuel system, and a control unit.

The electronics themselves adjust the power depending on the ethanol content in the fuel, and the maximum output is available only on the E85 mixture.

The car also got Ford Performance stabilizers, reinforced axles, and height-adjustable springs. At the same time, MagneRide shock absorbers were recalibrated and plates were added to adjust the camber. The hood, front splitter, and wing are made of carbon fiber.

The second row of seats has been removed from the cabin and a safety half-frame has been installed for fastening belts. An important clarification: with the Code Red set, the GT500 coupe loses its factory warranty and access to ordinary roads.