Sales of Royal Enfield motorcycles are growing rapidly

Sales of Royal Enfield motorcycles are growing rapidly 1

Motorcycle companies that can demonstrate an increase in sales not only benefit from higher sales but also have a better chance of establishing partnerships with other brands of interest – and today the feeling the sunshine brand is none other than the world’s oldest brand of motorcycles with continuous production of Royal Enfield.

Last quarter, RE sales were impressive; with a total of 28,390 units shipped (more than 62% more than 17,493 in the same period last year), the Indian brand is currently showing its best performance in international markets than ever.

The current figures also show a 30% increase over the 21,787 units sold in the 4th quarter of the fiscal year 2022, and RE contributes a significant share of these sales to the huge success of the newly introduced Hunter 350.

“We recently introduced the Hunter 350 model, which received an impressive reception from Indian and global audiences. As we launch retail sales in India, we are confident that the Hunter 350 will open up a new market for us, thereby attracting new customers to Royal Enfield.”

“With products like the Scram 411 and Hunter 350, we are creating updated formats to experience a clean motorcycle… We are confident in the continued and sustained growth of Royal Enfield in the coming quarters.”

Sales of Royal Enfield motorcycles are growing rapidly 3