Rivian intends to create a huge network of charging stations

Rivian intends to create a huge network of charging stations 1

Representatives of the American company said that in the near future, work will still be carried out to create a huge network of charging stations. The existing supply problems mean that the production of chargers will take longer than originally planned.

Rivian seems to have finally returned to the production of its electric R1S and R1T and has confirmed that it is going to build 25,000 cars in 2022. This is welcome news for both potential buyers and investors who have been concerned about supply issues and the delays they cause, but what about the automaker’s promise to build 3,500 chargers by the end of 2023? Recently, we noticed that this promise was removed from the automaker’s website, which caused rumors that he might abandon this project. Nevertheless, Rivian officials assure us that the plans for the construction of the network have not gone anywhere.

“We are ramping up production and deployment of both Rivian Waypoints and the Rivian Adventure Network as fast as we can,” a Rivian spokesperson said.

“We are pleased that our first Rivian Adventure Network stations have been launched and are operating in Colorado and California, and new ones will appear in the near future. We kept our original goal of 3,500 chargers at 600 Rivian Adventure Network sites. Like most other manufacturers, we faced serious supply chain problems, which made it difficult to obtain the parts needed to manufacture and install charging equipment.”

In fact, it seems that supply chain problems are again to blame for a somewhat gloomy view of the development of the charging network. Meanwhile, Rivian repeats that “about 70 charging stations have been installed in public places, as well as in some places of nature protection.

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So while it looks like Rivian may not be able to reach its goal by the end of next year, it’s still moving forward by building as many chargers as possible. Along with the recent news that production in the second quarter of this year doubled the figures achieved in the first quarter, it seems that Rivian is slowly gaining momentum and will become the powerful brand that Ford and others expected.

Rivian intends to create a huge network of charging stations 3