Review of the worst cars

Review of the worst cars 1

Already a lot of publications, in addition to their ratings of the top best cars, also publish articles on the topic of the worst cars. The methods and criteria for evaluation were different: some conducted opinion polls and others simply looked at the technical specifications and the results of test drives. Some cars received equally bad ratings from everyone.

A review of the worst cars:

Rover CityRover

Review of the worst cars 3

According to the versions of quite a few experts and many reputable publications, it is the Rover CityRover that should take first place in the ranking of the worst cars. Although the manufacturing company had success in the ’50s and ’60s, it did not justify its brainchild. Production was established and began in 2003. The price was more than reasonable and started at £7,000, alas, it did not include quality performance. All experts and owners complained about the incredibly awful and sloppy build quality. This led to the fact that these cars disappeared from car dealerships and showrooms rather quickly. And in 2005, Rover production was gone as well.

Honda Civic 2012

Review of the worst cars 5

A lot of noise was made by all the well-known Honda Civic 2012. Poor sound insulation leads to significant noise inside the cabin. Savings on materials for the interior trim also did not go unnoticed. Poor steering was also added to the list of shortcomings, the vagueness of the response leads to considerable discomfort while driving. It is not for nothing that many auto critics called this car “unreasonable” and “cheap”. After much criticism in many magazines, Honda has made a statement that to remedy the situation, an update to this model will be made earlier than planned.

Daihatsu Move

Review of the worst cars 7

Next is a representative of the Japanese car industry Daihatsu Move. Although, as should be a Japanese car, its quality and reliability have not caused criticism from anyone, and the price was more than attractive. But this model has failed to gain popularity in the West. Rather strange, and in some ways, ridiculous design became an anchor, which pulled sales of this car to the bottom. However, everyone has different tastes and despite the failure of sales in Europe, production of this car was not stopped and confidently continues, though only for the Asian market.

Suzuki X-90

Review of the worst cars 9

Suzuki X-90 of the 1995 model year has not avoided the “glory” of the worst car. Successful sales of the roadster Cappuccino and crossover Suzuki Vitara have played a bad joke. Two successful models were not enough and the Japanese decided to unite these two cars. The experiment failed. The two-seater off-road vehicle with a removable top had a terrible design, off-road passability was also the worst. In addition to that, it had very little reliability. As a result, sales were almost unprofitable, and the truck was removed from production.

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Renault Avantime

Review of the worst cars 11

The next in the rating of the worst cars, it would seem, in everything a successful car, Renault Avantime of 2001 production year. The car was designed to conquer, first, the youth. The extravagant design perfectly met the requirements of youth taste. For the technical part too there were no essential criticisms. But what killed the sales of this car? The answer is simple – its price! Renault Avantime was not the most available youth car. Few people could afford it, but those few who could afford to spend a lot of money chose quite other car brands. For business class customers, the design of this coupe was quite beyond the usual conservatism.

Ford Edge

Review of the worst cars 13

The ambitious 2007 Ford Edge, this crossover was very popular in the American market. It earned its place among the worst cars for a number of flaws in design and production. The extremely stiff and noisy suspension did not meet the requirements of a comfortable and soft ride “parkette”. As a representative of the “real American car,” it had unacceptably low reliability. The interface of the native multimedia system MyFord Touch also left much to be desired, probably on its testing was very economical, and no one paid attention to its inconvenience. The variant with bigger wheels and 22-inch disks was too heavy to drive.

Dodge Grand Caravan

Review of the worst cars 15

The American Dodge Grand Caravan, which is quite popular in North and South America, suffered the same sad fate. With all its long history of production, it is somehow strange that the manufacturers have not paid attention to one of the main indicators – the economy. Nowadays this aspect is especially actual. Excessive voracity is accompanied by the very low quality of the interior assembly and frequent faults of electrical parts.

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Toyota Prius C

Review of the worst cars 17

The Toyota Prius C (on the Japanese market, the Toyota Auri) joins the list of the worst cars. Despite its popularity in the world (according to some publications, this hybrid is the third most popular car in the world and probably the most affordable hybrid in the world), it has many complaints. They concern rigid, uncomfortable suspension, extremely poor dynamics, and terrible sound insulation. All this causes discomfort when driving this car.

Jeep Liberty

Review of the worst cars 19

Jeep Liberty (Cherokee) got a place among the worst cars for its incredible voracity. Its uneconomical fuel system is frowned upon by many experts and consumers. The interior is made of very cheap, low-quality materials and looks absolutely unpreventable. The steering, even on asphalt, leaves much to be desired. But to be fair, it is worth noting that all the experts praised this car as a real off-roader.