Recommendations before buying a used SUV

Recommendations before buying a used SUV 1

Buying inexpensive SUVs, a car enthusiast wants to get the most out of them. The desire to get the most reliable models is understandable because, after the purchase, no one wants to become a regular customer of a car service, spend all weekend in the garage, just to be able to ride their own car for a few days without excesses.

Therefore, when choosing an SUV among used options, you should pay attention to the following points:

1. Do not buy used cars older than 10 years. It is optimal to take a car aged 3-5 years. As the experience of many drivers shows, after 10 years, even the most durable cars begin to show their weaknesses. This will not necessarily be a serious breakdown, accompanied by the need to overhaul the engine or change it completely. A lot depends on the previous owner, his driving style, and his attitude to the car.

2. Look carefully at the mileage. SUVs are considered the most reliable and do not have any significant problems when running 300 thousand kilometers. There are individual instances that are called “millionaires”. They are able to travel a million kilometers without causing any breakdowns with proper care and maintenance. But buying a 5-10-year-old car that has managed to wind more than 300 thousand kilometers is not worth it. The longer the mileage, the sooner you will have to deal with the engine thoroughly.

3. The manufacturer plays its role. We do not recommend buying dubious SUVs from little-known companies, but only models of well-known and well-established brands.

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4. Before buying, make a mandatory test drive and send the car to the service station. Even if your chosen car is at the top of the most reliable SUVs, it is strongly not recommended to take it without a preliminary study of its condition. It often happens that a car is sold no older than 10 years, which has an acceptable mileage, and is sold at a price below the market. Sellers typically associate this with the need to urgently sell a vehicle. But in fact, such an attractive offer may hide an accident in which a jeep, a twisted speedometer, and other pitfalls got into. Take a ride in the car, feel it. It is better to decide on an independent car service, rather than the one recommended by the seller.