Rare RUF RT12 R supercar for sale

Rare RUF RT12 R supercar for sale 1

The German tuning studio RUF, known for its profound revisions of Porsche sports cars, has been creating exclusive modifications of cars from Stuttgart for over 75 years. Rare models include the RT12 R, which is based on a Porsche 911 coupe from the 997 generation. This auction offers the chance to buy one of the 13 RUF RT12 R cars, which is also one of the two rear-wheel-drive sports cars of this model. And the car is in perfect condition.

RUF Automobile unveiled the RT12 project in the fall of 2004 at the Essen Tuning Show – the company’s work was one of the world’s first in-depth revisions of a 911 coupe with a new body (997) at the time.

The main changes touched upon engineering – the working volume of the 3.6-liter six-cylinder opposed engine was increased to 3.8 liters, and power has grown from 560 to 685 horsepower in the RUF RT12 S version – and immediately to 730 powers in the RUF RT12 R variant. The customer could choose between four-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive, but the transmission had no alternative – only a six-speed manual gearbox.

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One of the two rear-wheel-drive cars is now up for auction at Mecum. The 730-horsepower coupe with carbon-ceramic brakes and sports suspension with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires was previously on display at the Peterson Museum of Automobiles as part of an exhibition on the history of the RUF.

The cost of the car, which has driven just 445 miles since 2015, has not been disclosed. In February at Bring a Trailer, a similar model with rear-wheel drive but with almost 27,500 miles went under the hammer for an impressive $910,000. So, the price tag of RUF RT12 R with less mileage should obviously exceed a million dollars.