Puig Diablo: More than just a Yamaha

Puig Diablo: More than just a Yamaha 1

The Spanish manufacturer of aftermarket components presented Diablo, an ultra-modern futuristic motorcycle built on the basis of a high-tech Yamaha MT-09 SP street.

The most important thing in this project is that there is no interference in the design of the motorcycle, only the native plastic and optics are changed to new ones.

Puig Diablo: More than just a Yamaha 3

The main attention in the Diablo project was paid by Puig to the study of aerodynamics: at the design stage, the component models were “blown” virtually, and at the finishing stage, the finished motorcycle with a rider was tested in a real wind tunnel. As a result, it was necessary to adjust the rider’s landing — from the original vertical to a more aggressive sports one.

Puig Diablo: More than just a Yamaha 5
Puig Diablo: More than just a Yamaha 7

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But that’s not all! The aerodynamics of this motorcycle is active, the amount of downforce varies depending on the speed due to changes in the position of the fairing elements. Moreover, the adjustment does not take place according to an average fixed scheme but takes into account the readings of the corresponding sensors: both the windshield and the side elements of the fairing can change their positions to obtain optimal aerodynamic performance. Against this background, the disc brake covers, as well as a new LED headlight and rear optical elements built into the tail are already perceived as something familiar.

Puig Diablo: More than just a Yamaha 9

It is not yet known whether the company will sell the Puig Diablo kit for self-installation on the Yamaha MT-09 SP unchanged or will limit itself to some simplified version, without active aerodynamics. But the very fact of the appearance of such a concept is already indicative: a new step into the future has been made, which means that in the near future active aerodynamics will become an integral part of production motorcycles.