Presented Hydrogen Motorcycle Concept Hydra

Presented Hydrogen Motorcycle Concept Hydra 1

The topic of zero-emission vehicles has recently been promoted more and more actively, and it is not limited to battery-powered motorcycles. Japanese motorcycle manufacturers, for example, are investing heavily in developments in the field of hydrogen technology, and the Australians from Salt Motorcycles have already prepared a hydrogen-powered V8 prototype engine.

Presented Hydrogen Motorcycle Concept Hydra 3

Designers Anton Brusso, Andre Taylforth, and Anton Guzhov from the famous Kiska Design studio have developed an interesting concept of a hydrogen-powered power cruiser. The motorcycle, named Hydra, is built on fuel cells that generate electricity from hydrogen, which is used to power the electric motor. Such a scheme makes it possible to get a vehicle with zero emissions and at the same time with the ability to quickly replenish the fuel supply.

Presented Hydrogen Motorcycle Concept Hydra 5

At the moment, a number of mass-produced vehicles, such as the Toyota Mirai, are based on a similar principle. But for now, everything is hindered by the lack of a developed network of hydrogen “charging” stations. In addition, the production of hydrogen is a very energy-intensive process, and its transportation to places of consumption is associated with certain difficulties. Nevertheless, we are moving in this direction, and it is likely that soon we will see hydrogen-powered motorcycles that are free of the problems inherent in conventional electric bikes.